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All Service Trucks CMFS 22000 WATER TANKER

We are proud to announce the launch of its 8x4 water truck series. The trucks are custom built to customer requirements and come standard with many features that you don't normally see. Custom built to suit all truck configurations (6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8) Suited ideally to mining and civil applications Water tanks up to 22,000 litre capacity Safe durable and cost effective.


  • ROPS
  • Transmission retarder
  • Hydraulic water cannon
  • Hose reel with Honda 9hp diesel fire fighter
  • Foam injection system for water cannon
  • Fire suppression
  • Side dribble/ spray bars


TANK CAPACITIES Up to 22,000 litres - Tanks fully baffled
CANNON Hydraulic, pneumatic or electrically controlled cannon - Rear mounted - In cabin controlled
CAB CONTROLS Mounted on console - All pneumatic controls mounted in cabin- Emergency stops inside and out - Fire suppression controls
GUARD, RAIL & STEP Front mounted access stairways - Safety railing for complete access to tank, water cannon and fill point
TANK FITTINGS Top fill point funnel with clearway for easy fillings - Sight level gauge on front of tank - Provision for bottom fill
DRIBBLE BAR Pressure fed or gravity fed - Left, central and right dribble bars - In cabin controlled - Drop bars
MOUNTING & GUARDS Spring isolation mounts with neoprene rubbing blocks - Robust steel mudguards fitted with rubber flats
LIGHTING LED high and low leval tail lights - LED lighting all round - Hella 4000 spot lights
HYDRAULICS Hotshift PTO fitted with gear pump - Internal oil tank - Filtered return line - Adjustable flow control
TANK PAINT Two-pack internal tank lining - External finish is in two pack system to cutomer's colour requirement
WATER CONTROLS Individually controlled from cabin - Left, central and right fan spray - Left and right batter sprays - Dribble bar

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